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The Tones & Textures of Broken Head, Byron Bay

March 30th, 2012 | Featured, News | from the real byron bay | Comments Off

An afternoon explore of Broken Head. Much fun & excitement was had taking photos of the beautifully textured rocks & stones. It is actually pretty breath taking & highly recommended as a sunny day activitiy.

This happens when little pebble get caught in a depression of the rock and gets washed around by the waves

Another Stunning View

See the rest of the photos of these amazing views and dramatic rock formations on flickr:

Broken Head View 9

Broken Head View 8

Broken Head View 7

Broken Head View 3

Broken Head Rocks 11

Broken Head Rocks 10

Broken Head Rocks 9

Broken Head Rocks 8

Broken Head Rocks 7

Broken Head Rocks 6

Broken Head Rocks 4

Broken Head Rocks 3

Broken Head Rocks 2

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Broken Head - an exploration | The Real Byron Bay

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